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A Private Medical & Permanent Health Insurance Website

PMI Private Medical Insurance and PHI Permanent Health Insurance are different types of healthcare plans which UK residents and expatriates can get quotes for via this website. The quotes are supplied by, a fully independent intermediary and client advisor specialising in health insurance of all types. Because the benefits can often complement each other, many healthcare advisors recommend a careful combination of both PMI and PHI cover plans.

PMI Private Medical Insurance

Private Medical Insurance, or PMI, covers the costs of private medical treatment for curable short term medical conditions, frequently referred to as 'acute conditions'. PMI includes the costs of surgery, specialists, accommodation and nursing either at a private hospital or in a private ward of an NHS hospital.

The plans on offer usually come in two 'flavours' - Standard and Comprehensive, although it is also possible to arrange standalone policies to cover personal accident, dental care or routine maternity costs. Quotes can be obtained for private individuals, family, group or company wide plans.
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There are a number of benefits of PMI plans over using the NHS:

  • Faster treatment, especially for relatively minor or non-urgent conditions. Despite the pain, inconvenience or discomfort caused by your medical problem, it may be some time before you manage to get treated on the NHS. The same is not usually true of private healthcare.
  • More precise scheduling. You can know much further in advance when your appointments are going to be. This is especially significant to anyone with heavy advance commitments - sportsmen and women, business or professional people etc.
  • You get treated in a private hospital and will have your own room.
  • You can often choose your own consultant.

PHI & Critical Illness Insurance

Often confused with PMI plans, PHI policies are more commonly known as long term income protection and provide a continuing income upon the diagnosis of certain illnesses or chronic conditions. Critical illness plans are fairly similar but tend to pay out a lump sum upon diagnosis of a covered condition.
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